Dr. Simone Ellis was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas where she knew from an early age that dentistry was her calling.


Specifically, in 7th grade when she accompanied her father to his tooth extraction appointment… The rest is history.

Many years later, she graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. She then received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Rutgers University School of Dentistry, formerly, the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey in 2009.

In 2010, soon after graduating, Dr. Ellis established her own practice from the ground up—Smile Design Studios in Houston, Texas. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, she had a more niche office, as cosmetic dentistry was not as popular as it is today (only for the elite doctors). Many told her that as a woman of color in such a specific field, she wouldn’t succeed, but she quickly proved them wrong.

“Don’t be guided by the wrong people, seek out those who understand your vision and want to see you succeed.” -Dr. Simone Ellis

One of Dr. Ellis’ greatest strengths is finding the good from bad situations. In 2017, she went through vast personal hardships in multiple areas of her life, all while running a growing business. For years, she didn’t know what would happen next, but she never lost hope. When the fog cleared and she started dialing in on who she was as a person, everything changed. She moved her family to Texas, lost 30 pounds, became a better leader, took care of herself, and even doubled her practice. After living through a traumatic experience, she wants to share her experience with all of you.

“We all have some kind of challenges, it’s how we internalize, dissect it.” -Dr. Simone Ellis

Twelve years and over 5,000 patients later, Dr. Ellis sold Smile Design Studios in a multi-million deal and is now one of the most respected Houston dentists.

Not only is Dr. Ellis seasoned in dentistry, but she is also a valued consultant in the field. She’s worked with numerous dental offices around the country, teaching owners and staff how to maximize efficiency in the chair. Her dynamic teaching style has also landed her speaking engagements at various universities and dental schools. Dr. Ellis has spoken for the National Dental Association twice, the Ladies That Lead Conference, and four Invisalign events. She is both an Invisalign Speaker and a Listerine Spokesperson.

When did Dr. Ellis realize she wanted to motivate and empower her community, you ask? The answer is that she’s always been driven by motivating people. She knew this path was a part of what she was doing on a daily basis—the mouth is a very personal space and Dr. Ellis has been trying to change people’s perspectives of the dentist throughout her career.

Over the years, her mindset has shifted when realizing her calling is not just confined to her interactions with patients in the chair.

As she transitions from a dental focused career into a space of motivating others through her experiences, Dr. Ellis sees her past and future endeavors holding the same goal—to make people smile both physically and internally.

While she’s spent her career fixing and transforming smiles, her proudest accomplishments are the genuine smiles and laughs she’s brought out of her patients by building deep and meaningful connections with them—something that her charming and loving personality has been the catalyst for.

Now that Dr. Ellis has truly accomplished all of her goals in dentistry, she wants to hone in on helping her community internally smile by empowering others to live their true self. Through her social media platforms, YouTube channel, speaking events, and now Podcast, “Beyond the Chair,” Dr. Ellis strives to teach others the lessons she’s learned from personal heartache and hardships, while inspiring her viewers, listeners, and friends.

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