Ditch the Scrubs, Ditch the Stress: 

Reclaim your time, unleash your inner rockstar

Inside this revolutionary program you'll:

  • Say goodbye to guilt and hello to boundaries. Time for patients? Check. Time for you? Hell yeah!
  • Rediscover your passions, ignite your creativity, and finally chase those dreams on hold. Travel the world? Write a novel? Start a rock band? The possibilities are endless.
  • Learn stress-busting techniques that work, from mindfulness to movement, so you can face your days with a smile (and maybe a little swagger).
  • Find your fellow healthcare heroes who are reclaiming their lives. Share stories, swap tips, and celebrate each other's victories.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Life?

Our program is uniquely designed for healthcare professionals who understand the need for balance between their demanding careers and personal fulfillment.


In The Next Few Months, You Could…

  • Rediscover Joy in the Little Things
  • Feel Empowered and Balanced
  • Build a Stronger Financial Foundation 
  • Develop Deeper Relationships
  • Transform into a Leader in Your Field
  • Leave a Lasting Impact

This isn't just a program, it's a movement. It's about reclaiming your power, prioritizing your well-being, and unmasking the badass waiting to shine.


Basic, Boss, Badass Lifestyle Program

Speak Your Truth

I hear you. You're seeking a life that's not just about work but one that's enriching and balanced. You crave meaningful connections beyond your professional role.

Inside Your Head...

  • "I need time for myself."
  • "Can I have a fulfilling personal life alongside my healthcare career?"
  • "How can I enjoy life amidst my demanding job?"

Yes, It's Possible!

The Basic, Boss, Badass Lifestyle Program isn't just a set of tools—it's a transformative journey.

What to Expect In This Program:


Formation, Upgrade U, Sweet Dreams, Renaissance

  • Embrace your personal power, mission, vision, and mindset.
  • Upgrade your goals and mindset for a remarkable journey.
  • Pursue hobbies, plan dream vacations, build relationships, and network.
  • Focus on mental, physical, appearance, and spiritual health.

Run the World, Bills, Bill Bills, Schoolin Life, Irreplaceable

  • Develop leadership skills, delegate effectively, and manage stress.
  • Gain financial clarity, budgeting skills, and define your financial destiny.
  • Implement systems and strategies for increased business productivity.
  • Build confidence and standards, empowering your personal narrative.

My House, I Was Here, Family and Friends, Halo

  • Define and elevate your brand with effective marketing strategies.
  • Explore philanthropy, leave a legacy, and invest in community building.
  • Strengthen bonds with family and friends, and cultivate intimate relationships.
  • Reflect on the year, plan for the future, and maintain your positive momentum.

This Program is for You If...


  • You're a Healthcare Professional Who Feels Overwhelmed
  • You Desire More Than Just Work
  • You Want to Reclaim Your Time and Joy
  • You're Ready to Invest in Yourself
  • You Seek a Supportive Community
  • You Aspire to Grow as a Leader
  • You're Eager for Personal and Professional Development

"Working with Dr. Simone has been eye opening. You just don’t know what you don’t know. Through setting practical goals I’ve learned marketing skills and tactics that I will take with me and use for a lifetime."

- Dr. Tamarra Sweeting

"I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Ellis! She has increased my confidence and broadened my horizons when it comes to treatment planning and daily efficiency. She pushed my goals further than I expected. I would recommend her to any dentist, new or seasoned, looking to further their goals!"

- Dr. Taylor Provost

"Dr. Simone Ellis is an exceptional coach who has had an immeasurable impact on my life. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication have empowered me to become the best version of myself. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking guidance in unlocking their full potential and achieving their goals."

- Dr. Joyy

The Basic, Boss, Badass Lifestyle Program

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Your Commitment To Change Starts Now!


At the Basic, Boss, Badass Lifestyle Program, we are committed to your growth and satisfaction. We guarantee that if you actively engage in all aspects of the program and implement the strategies we teach, you will see a meaningful transformation in your work-life balance, personal growth, and overall well-being. If, after fully participating in the first four months of the program, you feel it has not met your expectations, we offer a hassle-free, full refund of your investment.